Hi there,

My name is Alyssa and I am a mom of two young children – Madelyn and Jack. Before my son was born, I was working two jobs that I absolutely loved but I continuously felt torn between work and being home with my sweet babies (I am sure many moms can relate and if not that’s okay too!)

In September 2020 a local store went up for sale and I thought “hey, I would LOVE to run a consignment shop and help other moms and dads!” but with the COVID-19 pandemic I decided it was best to wait. That was when my wonderful fiancé Tyler suggested I start my own business at home.

Although I felt like I was going to be in over my head, I jumped right in. I spent whatever free time I had researching and educating myself until Violet Aster Boutique became a reality.

I love helping others and hope that my online store will allow families to find some great deals during these trying times.

If you have made it this far thank you so much for supporting local – take a browse through our site and follow our Instagram and Facebook page for frequent updates!

XO Alyssa