Why consign with us?

  • Declutter and make some money!
  • No hassle – we do all of the sorting, posting, back and forth, photo taking and logistics for claiming items
  • Keep used items in rotation and reduce waste
How does it work?
  • Items are dropped off (or pick up can be arrange) and sorted through
  • Items that we choose not to post can then be returned to the consignor or donated to Second Chance in Bowmanville (another consignment store that works directly with Bethesda House (an association that supports individuals dealing with all types of abuse)
  • Items are posted to the website for 90 days (or until the end of season) and the process starts over again
  • Payouts are currently done via e-transfer after 90 days (or end of season) 
  • Starting April 1, 2022 our payouts will be split as follows (consignor/business):
    • 50/50 for items on a 90 day/end of season payout
    • 40/60 for items that are paid out up front
    • 70/30 for items that are locally handmade/Canadian made

We are currently looking for the following items:

  • NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING NEW ITEMS/CONSIGNORS - please check back in January 2023 for an update. Thank you!
**Please note that we are limiting the amount of George, Monkey Bars, Joe Fresh, and Pekkle items that we will accept and post. This is not because we do not want to offer these brands, but that we have limited space and these brands are not as desired and therefore do not offer a great payout for consignors.